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One person caring…

One person caring…

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Hand-Stamped in Sterling Silver:
” One person caring about another represents life’s greatest value ”

The top charm on this is called the Caduceus. It represents medicine. This symbol derives from Hermes or Mercury, the winged messenger, and is a staff intertwined by two snakes.
Nurses have long been the loving and deeply caring individuals found near our bedsides in times of uncertainty, fear, and often pain. They are there with a smile to remind and encourage us that things will indeed be ok. We lean into them more than we do the fleeting surgeons or doctors. Despite them all being on the same team that is rooting for you… somehow the nurses are the ones that seem to do all of the little things in between to add up to what denotes CARE.
I designed this to honor all of the front line workers and first responders during these last 3 trying years for our planet and all of its inhabitants. What we have all managed to get through and overcome as one, for the most part, is truly remarkable! We will all be telling our personal stories about these times throughout the rest of our lives.

Sterling silver and 22kt gold plated bronze

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3/4 inch


18″ Snake Chain